Golden stonefly adults

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Stoneflies live relatively short time as adults, compared to their nymphal phase. Some species grow to be bigger than 5 cm. A hand full of salmonflies indicates the massive hatch in the canyon of the Firehole. Trout may have a hard time finding one to eat unless it is trying to crawl to a bank to hatch, or the stonefly nymph gets careless feeding at night. If your imitation is well chosen and your presentation is good, you won't be dissapointed.

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They often lose their grip and are taken all year by trout.

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Stonefly Life Cycle & Fly Fishing Stonefly Patterns

Some species grow to be bigger than 5 cm. They mate out of the water. Stoneflies are found worldwide, except Antarctica. The Golden Stonefly adults deposit their eggs mostly at dusk or later. Swisher, Doug and Carl Richards.

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golden stonefly adults
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golden stonefly adults
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