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Use the toilet seat to your advantage by sitting down on top of it, and having your partner sit down on top of you. Megan Stubbs recommends trying this one — if you're able to secure a semi-private bathroom that isn't a stall set-up. Make Sex Last Longer. White says to make sure the faucet won't become a problem first. How to Eat a Girl Out.

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Sex near a mirror that allows the two of you to watch your lovemaking from angles you wouldn't be able to see otherwise immediately heightens the experience.

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The Art of Having Great Shower Sex

To start with, the receiving partner should have their back against the shower wall with one of their legs either wrapped around the giving partner or perched atop a shower bench or bath ledge. The important thing is to avoid those cramps and slippery situations. Having lube in the shower is obviously a great sensation on top of the heat from the water. If a solid oral sex position is what you're after, sexologist Dr. If you want to be face-to-face with your partner during your shower sex sesh, then give this position a go. How To Give A Blowjob.

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sex position in bathroom
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sex position in bathroom
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