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It feels as if we haven't talked for weeks! The Dog Bites Back: And at the same time she has her hands on Robin's chest. Timmy makes an insane wish that actually works. As if he had perfect control over it himself. Namely sitting in front of the television set in relative boredom. Her shirt stretched to encompass the enormous globes that were now attached firmly to her chest, her pants stretched out as well, her ass growing in order to compensate for her enormous breasts, they had to be strong to hold them up after all.

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Her son was fucking a young lady, easily as sexy as her, if she lacked a little in the birthing hips department.

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Timmy could only stare as she floated over him in his bed before she suddenly dropped, her knee between his legs, her arms folded over his chest and her eyelashes thick and heavy as she smiled up at him. She gave them each a kiss on the cheek and in a puff of green and purple smoke the two were gone. Vicky, Timmy's babysitter was beside her sister Tootie, her breasts had turned into lovely round globes of softness, her cruel smile was replaced by an expectant smirk, her messy red hair was now let loose and it had turned into feral curls, they highlighted her figure wonderfully. He then creamed over then fronts as Wanda had rolled off of his mother to accept his burning hot seed. Now all he has to do is survive the lovemaking.

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  1. I hate the MONEY SHOT; why film this chick with a HUMONGOUS, BOOTY if you aint gonna WAX it? Thumbs Down!!