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In the latest issue, K-Stew looks amazing on the cover. Lori, you made your point. I know for a fact that Kristen is a nice girl, it's only when she becomes shy is when she gets bitchy. Now, I think Kristen is gay or bi, but if she had made a statement about her sexuality it would have obviously been widely reported. He said he is waiting for the right woman and completely believes in his Catholic faith.

So he has to stay somewhat "closeted" at least til all this twilight shizz is over.

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There was one picture where Kristen was leaning into Rob to tell him something and the fans squealed that they were 'kissing' so I'm sure they interacted SOME, but there's no evidence that they kissed or hugged on New Years, which any normal couple would do. It's not too late at all for her to stop all that; Jodie stopped immediately after the Julian Sands fiasco. The one thing Ted HAS basically confirmed at the top of that page is that he full on thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, if anyone mind you, so do I. That article back there about Kristen rebuffing Rob's hand is hilarious. I'm not buying the shy bit.

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